RAFFWU members work in retail stores of all kinds and sizes. Whether you sell shoes, stationery, books, boats or shirts, RAFFWU is the union for you.

Below are some of the retailers where we have members. Click on each to be taken to a dedicated page. If you don’t see your workplace listed here, don’t worry – contact us or check out our FAQs to see if we can represent you.

We are the only union for retail workers fighting to replace rotten workplace deals made by the SDA – deals which have seen retail workers in Australia underpaid for years, sometimes decades.

We represent our members every day, every week in dealing with disputes over rosters, wages, safety and many other issues, including enterprise bargaining.

If you work in retail, RAFFWU is the fighting union for you. We are a grassroots, member-led union – a union for workers, not bosses.

Join us today.

A large group of union members and supporters at an outdoor rally, carrying the flags of the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union. In the foreground of the image is a union member holding a megaphone.


RAFFWU members at Apple have been taking militant industrial action in order to secure a better enterprise agreement for workers.

Our members have engaged in a wide range of actions in their pursuit of a better workplace deal, including works bans and work stoppages.


RAFFWU members at bookstores have fought for and won some of the best conditions for retail workers in Australia.

We have members at many bookstores, large and small, so if you’re a bookseller, join us today. RAFFWU is your fighting retail union.

Dangerfield & Princess Highway

Our members at Dangerfield & Princess Highway are organising to improve workplace conditions and safety.

RAFFWU members have also endorsed a set of claims they will pursue in bargaining for an enterprise agreement in 2023.


We represent our members at IKEA in enterprise bargaining, workplace disputes and more.

Our analysis has shown that store workers at IKEA are paid less than warehouse workers for very similar work. If you’d like to do something about changing that, join us today.


Workers at Officeworks went without an enterprise agreement for years, which saved the bosses millions in unpaid Award rates.

RAFFWU members helped to return minimum Award rights to workers. But conditions at Officeworks could be so much better – to help improve your workplace, join us today.

Bakers Delight

Bakers Delight has used rotten workplace agreements for decades, costing workers a fortune in lost penalty rates.

If you want to do something about this and take back your penalty rates, join the retail union that fights for you join RAFFWU.


Our members at Bunnings have been fighting for a better deal – a real wage rise rather than a real pay cut, proper penalty rates, overtime rates and much more.

In the fight for a better deal at Bunnings, join the union that fights for you – join RAFFWU.


In 2023, RAFFWU members at Jaycar have unanimously endorsed a list of claims they will pursue during negotiations for an enterprise bargaining agreement.

RAFFWU represents our members at Jaycar every day of the week. Join us today.

JB Hifi

Our members at JB Hifi and The Good Guys have run landmark campaigns for workplace safety, and against gendered harassment and discrimination.

We are a young, growing union – join us today in the fight for better conditions at your workplace.

Super Retail Group

RAFFWU represents our members at the Super Retail Group: Rebel Sports, Macpac, BCF and Supercheap Auto.

We are a grassroots, growing union that works with our members to improve the conditions of retail workers across Australia. We are a union for workers, not bosses – join us today.

Big W

RAFFWU has been supporting, representing and fighting for Big W workers since we launched. 

For years workers at Big W have been paid less than they should have been. Only one union is fighting for a better deal for workers at Big W, and that’s RAFFWU. 

Dan Murphy's

RAFFWU represents our members at Dan Murphy’s every day of the week.

Our members are fighting for a better enterprise agreement at Dan Murphy’s – an enterprise agreement locks in core conditions like wages, penalty rates and more. Join us today to start improving your workplace!


Workers at Kmart have been underpaid for years due to rotten enterprise agreements.

RAFFWU is the only union whose members are fighting for a better deal, including a living wage and guaranteed hours at Kmart. Join us today!

Liquorland, Vintage Cellars and First Choice

RAFFWU actively represents our members in the Coles Liquor Group every day of the week.

Coles Liquor Group workers continue to be underpaid thanks to rotten old enterprise agreements that pay less than the Award. If you’d like to do something about changing that, join us today.


We represent RAFFWU members at Target in dealing with disputes over rosters, wages, safety and many other issues.

Target continues to have an old agreement in place that leaves workers worse off than if the Award applied. If you’d like to do something about this, join us today.