Since we launched in 2016 we have been helping workers get rid of rotten old zombie agreements which strip rights and wages.

Zombie agreements have cost workers billions of dollars and continue to apply to thousands of workers.

Some of our wins include returning millions of dollars to workers in higher wages at IGA stores, Bakers Delight franchises and other medium businesses who had these old deals.

Our biggest wins have been helping members terminate the zombie deals at Domino’s Pizza and McDonald’s which have returned over $200 Million in higher yearly wages. These deals were maintained by SDA and when helped workers terminate the deals the SDA fough tooth and nail to stop us. They spent a fortune on expensive lawyers but they lost and now workers are earning much more (with much better other conditions too) thanks to RAFFWU.

If you have an old zombie agreement applying to your workplace, get together with your co-workers and unionise your workplace. We can then help you put in place the Modern Award conditions.

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