In May 2017 the Fair Work Commission agreed to terminate a zombie agreement which cut the pay of 350 workers at Morgan’s IGA. From 1 July 2017, these workers earned full Sunday rates, 125% Weeknight rate and 125% Saturday rate. Part-time workers have guaranteed minimum hours every week and rostered days can only change after consultation. A huge win for RAFFWU members.

Our analysis of a large group of members at Morgan’s IGA showed they were losing, on average, over $3400 per year (more than $65 per week). For a full-time worker, penalty rates can be worth over $10 000 per year.

Workers at hundreds of IGA stores across Australia are not being paid minimum Award penalty rates because dodgy agreements are in place. Some of those agreements are more than a decade old. 

Our members at IGA are now working together to terminate old dodgy agreements, negotiate better conditions, and return millions of dollars to their pay packets.

We know there are lots of other issues too.

IGA has used zombie agreements for decades – costing workers a fortune. Without the dodgy agreements in place, the higher minimum Award rates apply. How much more would you be earning on weekends or on weeknights? 

We help members figure out how much they are entitled to and get issues fixed.

By working together we can not only take back our penalty rates, we can secure better conditions for the future. Let’s make it happen! Get on board and encourage your colleagues to get involved! We can help you get your workmates involved and then together we can take back penalty rates and other conditions.

Fighting for your rights in the workplace

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