In May 2020, a group of international unions launched a bold and historic case against McDonald’s in The Netherlands for its actions in permitting widespread sexual harrassment and assaults in its stores across the world. Members can find out more by contacting the union.

In May 2020, RAFFWU also fought McDonald’s and SDA trying to smash worker rights at McDonald’s. While we stopped some attacks, others have been permitted and some Award rights have been affected until 30 July 2020. Any member asked to sign a new contract of employment or take annual leave should contact RAFFWU for advice before signing or agreeing to anything.

In December 2019, RAFFWU won the case to return penalty rates and other Award conditions to McDonald’s workers.

Minimum Award rights include:

  • 25% casual loading (paid in addition to penalty rates below)
  • 25% Saturday loading
  • 35% Sunday loading (50% for supervisors)
  • 10% weeknight penalty rate (10pm to 12am)
  • 15% weekday morning penalty rate (12am to 6am)
  • $22.70 per hour non-casual for 21+ crew trainers
  • free uniforms
  • uniform allowance where your uniform isn’t washed for you
  • consultation over major changes
  • part-time worker rights to minimum weekly hours and set days of work with start and finish times known and not changed without agreement

These conditions and more were smashed by past exploitative deals made by SDA and McDonald’s.

For 20 years the SDA and McDonald’s teamed up to make dodgy back room deals which smash worker rights.

In October 2018 we exposed the ruthless churn of young workers perpetrated by McDonald’s to save through exploitative junior rates. Check out the ABC 7:30 Report on our Facebook

In November 2018 we exposed the outrageous practice of not providing rest breaks – with over 90% of workers reporting they don’t get minimum 10 minute paid rest/drink breaks for four hour or longer shifts. Take our special survey here

In December 2018 we launched our campaign to bring back the 10 minute rest breaks and members who have RAFFWU list their store are already winning. In January 2019 we exposed the ruthless attack on workers by McDonald’s with threats of banning workers insisting on their 10 minute breaks from accessing toilets or water. See more here

We fought back with the first ever rally by Australian workers at McDonald’s which was reported across media outlets

We’re leading the #maccasrevolution – get on board! 

RAFFWU fought the rotten new deal in the Fair Work Commission and won. McDonald’s backed down and withdrew their agreement to avoid the embarrassment of losing. Read about the case here

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