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Special Update 12 December 2022: Apple workers represented by RAFFWU will engage in the first ever Australian retail Christmas Strike. Commencing at 3pm on Friday 23 December 2022, workers will strike until Christmas. This unprecedented action comes as Apple continues to refuse to agree to the most basic minimum conditions. Apple applies notorious undercutting conditions in Australia by way of a rotten old zombie ‘agreement’ which smashed conditions since 2014.    
Special Update 7 December 2022: Apple has agreed to continue bargaining but refuses to meet for months. RAFFWU members are taking direct action including by refusing to wear red shirts. Almost all the bans of those represented by RAFFWU are laid out in our current Notice of Industrial Action which can be downloaded here:  
Special Update 31 October 2022: After sitting on the results for 15 hours, Apple has finally admitted workers have smashed its rotten deal at a margin of more than 2 to 1 with well over 2000 workers voting no and for a better deal. Workers can now fight for the deal they deserve. Join the action by joining RAFFWU and being represented by RAFFWU. Members will be meeting tonight (Monday 31 October at 8pm AEDT) to decide the next steps in our campaign.
Special Update 29 October 2022: Apple workers represented by RAFFWU engaged in a 1 hour stike to vote no on Saturday 29 October 2022. This follows earlier national retail strikes. Almost 200 workers stopped work on Saturday for a fair agreement. Find out more at the special Welfare Fund webpage on Chuffed here:

Special Update 21 October 2022: Apple workers represented by RAFFWU re engaging in a 24 hour strike for all of Saturday 22 October 2022. This follows hot on the heels of the first national retail strike in Australian history on Tuesday 18 October. Over 150 workers will strike on Saturday for a fair agreement. Apple has targeted our members with abuse, harassment and outrageous attacks. We’ve launched a welfare fund to support workers taking action. Find out more at the special Welfare Fund webpage on Chuffed here:

Check out all the media and photos of our strikes at our Facebook at

Special Update 13 October 2022: RAFFWU members have unanimously voted to introduce Protected Industrial Action in the form of stoppages on Tuesday 18 October 2022 and bans commencing on and from Wednesday 19 October 2022. Members met and unanimously voted in favour of a raft of actions that only RAFFWU members represented by RAFFWU as their bargaining representative can take. All store based workers in Australia can join RAFFWU, appoint RAFFWU as their bargaining representative and then participate in this action. This is the only serious action being take to secure a satisfactory agreement and every store based worker has a choice to take serious action.

The stoppages are:

  1. A one hour stoppage of work of employees based at the Charlestown store commencing at 10am AEDT and ending at 11am AEDT on Tuesday 18 October 2022;
  2. A one hour stoppage of work of employees based at the Chermside store commencing at 11am AEST and ending at 12pm AEST on Tuesday 18 October 2022;
  3. A one hour stoppage of work of employees based at the Brisbane City store commencing at 12pm AEST and ending at 1pm AEST on Tuesday 18 October 2022; and
  4. A one hour stoppage of work of employees based at an Apple Store Location other than the Charlestown and Chermside stores commencing at 12pm local time of the location and ending at 1pm local time of the location on Tuesday 18 October 2022.

The bans to commence on Wednesday 19 October are in this notice of action: 221013 – Apple – Notice of Industrial Action – RAFFWU2Apple

RAFFWU members have also unanimously endorsed that should Apple put an agreement not endorsed by RAFFWU to ballot, RAFFWU members will notify and subsequently take (after 3 clear business days notice) a 24 hour stoppage of work.

Special Update 20 September 2022: RAFFWU direct action and our application for historic Good Faith Bargaining Orders against Apple has brought Apple back to the bargaining table.

On 18 September 2022, Apple announced it would put its dodgy deal to a ballot of workers concluding on 29 September. It was timed to avoid potential RAFFWU member industrial action commencing on 30 September. RAFFWU took Apple to the Fair Work Commission. With no admission of liability, Apple has agreed to return to the bargaining table for at least 3 weeks and RAFFWU will not notify industrial action for that time.

It couldn’t be clearer – direct member action brought Apple back to the table. The only way to secure the agreement workers deserve is through being prepared to take industrial action. RAFFWU members are leading the way and you can join them by becoming a member now.

On 15 September 2022, the RAFFWU Protected Action Ballot commenced at Apple. When successful, this will authorise members to access forms of protected industrial action in pursuit of an Enterprise Agreement if they wish. This is an important next step by the fighting union for retail and fast food workers. 

RAFFWU has been supporting, representing and fighting for Apple workers since we launched in late 2016. Apple has had in place an old agreement which undermines a range of working conditions. We also understand Apple has been refusing to even properly apply that agreement for some workers.

Apple has agreed to negotiate a new “Enterprise Agreement”. An Enterprise Agreement locks in core conditions which apply to Apple workers. It includes things like wages, penalty rates, casual loadings, leave, job security, rostering and more.

We represent members at the bargaining table and help members campaign for better agreements. We know workers only achieve the terms and conditions they deserve through their direct collective action.

Workers can download the RAFFWU bargaining claims, unanimously endorsed by members, here:

220822 – Apple – Endorsed Member Claims – RAFFWU

Apple members can appoint RAFFWU as bargaining representative – ensuring their voice is heard through RAFFWU. To appoint RAFFWU as your bargaining representative send an email to with the following text and your name and store location:

I hereby appoint the Retail And Fast Food Workers Union Incorporated as my bargaining representative for the purposes of bargaining an Agreement with my employer and in any matter before the Fair Work Commission that relates to bargaining for the agreement.

That appointment will be given to Apple and they must then recognise RAFFWU as your bargaining representative. They must not take any action against you for being represented by RAFFWU. We involve members directly in bargaining – including at bargaining meetings.

Our special all Apple worker Zoom webinar on 25 August 2022 about Industrial Action had more than 80 workers participate. RAFFWU is the only bargaining representative involved in negotiations at Apple that has ever organised industrial action in retail workplaces. To organise your workplace, join up and get involved!

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