We run many campaigns on issues relevant to members.

The website is structured with campaigns based on Workplaces, Industries and our Caucuses.

We encourage you to check through the various campaigns and get involved in those most relevant to you.

Workplaces list many of the major workplaces where RAFFWU members work. Many RAFFWU campaigns are based within types of workplaces – like supermarkets – or for particular workplaces – like Woolworths Supermarkets.

Industry Campaigns are campaigns which cover a particular issue across workplaces – such as a Living Wage, old Zombie Agreements or Workplace Safety.

Caucus Campaigns are campaigns based on particular groups of RAFFWU members. We have a number of caucuses and membership is open to RAFFWU members who identify with the caucus grouping.


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Casualisation is endemic in the retail and fast food industries. For many years, even part-time employment has also been undermined by sell out agreements which changed part-time work to be forms of casual employment. Even now, SDA continues to try and make deals which undermine job security. In 2018 and ...
Living Wages

Living Wages

Right now the vast majority of retail and fast food workers are paid a minimum wage or a few cents more than the absolute minimum. The minimum wage you are paid is not a Living Wage. A Living Wage is a wage which allows you and your family to buy ...
A photograph of members of the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union at a rally. They are holding union flags and a banner that reads "Taking back our penalty rates: RAFFWU".

Poverty Wages

Poverty wages are any wage structures that mean workers are earning below the poverty line. There is no official definition of poverty in Australia, but the poverty line is most often described as being as 50% of median adult full-time wages, or about $489/week for a single adult in 2023 ...
A photograph of workers standing outside a BWS store. They are carrying red and white placards about workplace safety and a red, blue and white flag of the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union.


Workplace safety is a critical issue for retail and fast food workers. Every worker is entitled to a safe and healthy work environment. Every employer has a duty of care to workers, to ensure that risks to health and safety are minimised or eliminated. Too often we hear from our ...

SDA Facts

At RAFFWU we are often contacted by workers who have questions about the SDA. The SDA, known colloquially as the “Shoppies”, is the Shop, Distributive & Allied Employees Association. It is one of Australia’s most powerful and most conservative unions. Workers ask us why the SDA is motivated to undercut ...
A photograph of a community rally against sexual harassment at McDonald's Traralgon. In the foreground, a worker is addressing a group through a megaphone. They are wearing a striped, black and white top and they have long hair in a ponytail. In the background is a group of people listening, some holding placards. They are outside under trees.

Sexual Harassment

RAFFWU Stands Against All Harassment We are committed to fighting all forms of discrimination and harassment - we wrote it into our purpose as a Union. We support members to stop harassment in their workplaces. We know that bosses often get it wrong, and we will help members take whatever ...

We’re Bloody Essential

https://raffwu.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Tampon-2-1024x124.png We're Bloody Essential! W2NhbGRlcmFfZm9ybSBpZD0iQ0Y2MGQ1NzMwZGE0MWUxIl0= Download a hard copy petition to collect signatures in your store! We're Bloody Essential - Hard Copy Petition For almost the entirety of my menstruating life to-date I have been an essential retail worker. There are endless stories I could tell of bleeding into my ...
A photograph of union activists holding colourful, hand-painted placards. The placards have slogans including "We are stronger together" and "If you don't fight you lose".

Zombie Agreements

Since we launched in 2016 we have been helping workers get rid of rotten old zombie agreements that strip rights and wages. Zombie agreements have cost workers billions of dollars and continue to apply to thousands of workers across Australia. Our wins include returning millions of dollars to workers in ...

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