Retail and Fast Food Workers Union


Wages in retail and fast food are low. Jobs are often casual. Shifts aren’t guaranteed. Workers are vulnerable to harassment and abuse.

If you want to change these things, you need a union, a group of workers organising to improve their conditions.

Our members have organised to win better wages and conditions, improve their workplace safety, and have stood up to some of the biggest employers in the country.

We are your grassroots, fighting union — a union for workers, not bosses.

We Are All In This For Everyone Else: The Union Campaign at Better Read Than Dead – Short Film

In 2021, workers at the Newtown bookshop “Better Read Than Dead” embarked on a landmark campaign for workplace justice. They were almost all women, employed in casual jobs and struggling with the pandemic. Through their direct collective action, they achieved unprecedented conditions in Australian retail. This preview version of the full film tells their story and how they set a new standard for Australian retail workers through their union, RAFFWU.

Join the union that fights for its members

Brenna Knows She Can Rely On RAFFWU

Brenna’s union is a progressive and active union.

Our members decide what we fight for and where we should focus our campaigns.

Together, we fight for every member, and together RAFFWU members have fought for and won better pay and conditions in our workplaces.

We have experienced advocates and fearless representatives. We are a union for workers, not bosses.

Join Brenna and others in the union that puts its members first, RAFFWU.

Join the union that fights for its members