RAFFWU actively represents members Euro Garage service stations every day of every week.

Now Euro Garages has agreed to negotiate a new “Enterprise Agreement”. The agreement locks in core conditions which apply to workers. It includes things like wages, penalty rates, casual loadings, leave, job security, rostering and more.

We represent members at the bargaining table and help members campaign for better agreements. For example, we have secured the best agreement in retail in Sydney which pays workers much more than Euro Garages workers, has 26 weeks paid parental leave, guarantees casual conversion and more. That agreement will apply to workers at their workplace because they ran a strong campaign and took action.


We encourage all Euro Garages members to email their proposed claims for bargaining to eg@raffwu.org.au

RAFFWU will collate these claims and members will endorse our bargaining claims. We will then pursue the claims in negotiations.

Members employed by Euro Garages can appoint RAFFWU as bargaining representative – ensuring their voice is heard through RAFFWU. To appoint RAFFWU as your bargaining representative send an email to eg@raffwu.org.au with the following text and your name and store location:

I hereby appoint the Retail And Fast Food Workers Union Incorporated as my bargaining representative for the purposes of bargaining an Agreement with my employer and in any matter before the Fair Work Commission that relates to bargaining for the agreement.

That appointment will be given to Euro Garages and they must then recognise RAFFWU as your bargaining representative. They must not take any action against you for being represented by RAFFWU. We will involve members directly in bargaining.

To avoid doubt, send separate emails for claims and the appointment of RAFFWU as your bargaining representative!

We are a dynamic, young, growing union looking to involve members in our workplace campaigns.

We have expert advocates and experienced campaigners helping members secure the best possible outcomes.

We represent members every day of every week in dealing with disputes over rosters, wages, safety and many other issues.

Members need to have joined before an issue arise to get help with that issue. Be sure to join now so that you get the industrial advice and support you need when you need it.

Euro Garages continues to apply an old SDA zombie agreement to many workers. This cuts most conditions and leave workers worse off than if the Modern Award applied. Without the dodgy agreements in place, the higher minimum Award rates apply.

To find out more about what you can do about this, join the union, recruit your co-workers and contact us at contact@raffwu.org.au 

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