RAFFWU is a union of thousands of workers across Australia and actively represents members in the Gippsland region.

Our members have been campaigning for the safe work environment of all retail and fast food workers in Gippsland by ensuring that employers meet four simple demands:

  1. The workplace develop or maintain a sexual harassment prevention plan, which includes a sexual harassment policy, that is accessible to workers and easy to understand.
  2. The workplace train managers on how to handle sexual harassment disclosures and their responsibilities as an initial contact person.
  3. Any workplace employing a child worker – being a worker under the age of 18 – obtain, at the employer’s cost, Working with Children Checks for all business owners, managers and supervisors.
  4. The workplace ensure that workers are aware they can have a support person present when making a sexual harassment disclosure or in any related step having made such a disclosure, if requested by the worker.

Since beginning our Gippsland-focused campaign against workplace sexual harassment, RAFFWU members have presented these demands to local businesses, and several local businesses have committed to implementing our demands.

RAFFWU members have also held petitioning events at Morwell and Traralgon shopping centres, raising awareness and engaging local community members, union members, friends and supporters in this important campaign for workplace safety.

Any RAFFWU members who are interested in contributing to the Gippsland Project Against Workplace Sexual Harassment, or are interested in undertaking a similar campaign in their own local area, are encouraged to contact us.

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