Workplace Safety is the most important issue for retail and fast-food workers.

Every worker is entitled to a safe and healthy work environment. Every employer has a duty of care to workers ensure risks to health and safety are eliminated or minimised.

Too often we hear from members about workplace violence, bullying, harrassment, and other unsafe systems of work.

Workers aren’t to blame for not “de-escalating” thugs and offenders. Workers should not be required to work in extreme heat or cold. Workers should be protected from bullying, belittling or other harassment. Workers should never be required to work in unsafe conditions.

We help workers act together. This means groups of members supporting each other and fighting back against unsafe systems of work.

If you’re not safe at work, it’s time to fight back. Empty slogans don’t fix the problem. Holding an employer to account is the way we fight back.

We help members talk to their co-workers about how working together can achieve a safer workplace. Remember, every worker has the right to remove themselves from an imminent risk to their safety.

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