In its 2018 agreement Kmart secured from SDA:

  • freezes to day base rates for staff;
  • wages only 1c per hour above the absolute award minimum rates at certain times of the week;
  • cut base rates for new staff;
  • wider normal hours than permitted by the Award;
  • requirement for staff to forcibly be placed into day work or night work with subsequent limits on when they work; and
  • much more.

In return, Kmart promised SDA:

  • no staff will have choice in superannuation fund, locking all staff into REST which pays SDA Officials very large director fees; and
  • every single teenage worker will be forced in front of SDA Recruitment Agents within their first days of work by Kmart bosses.

Kmart workers had been on old zombie deails for years. They saved Kmart tens of millions of dollars every year by not paying minimum Award penalty rates. RAFFWU members exposed this dodgy behaviour in 2015 & 2016.

Kmart helps SDA recruit members and SDA helps Kmart keep in place poor conditions.

Our campaigns meant Kmart was forced to return minimum Award penalty & other rates:

  • 25% for casual staff (not 20%)
  • 65% penalty rate (80% for casual staff) on Sunday (not 50%)
  • 25% penalty rate on Saturday (higher for casual staff)
  • 25% penalty rate on weeknights between 6pm and 11pm
  • overtime pay on weeknights/mornings between 11pm and 7am
  • 60% for 17 year old staff (not 57.5%)
  • 70% for 18 year old staff (not 67.5%)

Our campaigns have meant Kmart had to pay millions more – but Kmart refused to backpay the thousands of workers who earned less than the minimum Award. SDA agreed to help Kmart.

We won our case to stop the deal but Kmart and SDA appealed. In approving the deal the Commission then agreed with RAFFWU and extracted an undertaking from Kmart to allow all workers choice of superannuation.

You can no longer be forced to stay in REST superannuation.

You have a choice when it comes to unions too. Join the fighting union for Kmart staff. Join RAFFWU.

You can join quickly and easily online at or download and return our application form.

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