For 20 years the SDA and Hungry Jack’s teamed up to make dodgy deals that smashed worker rights, undermining conditions and stripping penalty rates. In return, Hungry Jack’s recruited workers to the SDA. 

In 2019, Hungry Jack’s negotiated a new enterprise agreement that still left workers much worse off than the minimum Award.

RAFFWU represented members in those negotiations, demanding that workers at Hungry Jack’s enjoy at least minimum Award conditions. We won our appeal at the Fair Work Commission and improved some aspects of the deal, but it remains worse than the minimum Award.

RAFFWU continues to support our members at Hungry Jack’s, and we will be fighting for a new and fairer enterprise agreement when the next period of bargaining comes around. If you’re a worker at Hungry Jack’s and you’d like to improve conditions at your store, join us today.

Why join RAFFWU?

Securing the best workplace agreement with better wages, safety, job security and conditions needs many workers campaigning together. Encourage your co-workers to get involved in RAFFWU, and join the union that fights for you.

RAFFWU is your active, grassroots union – a union for workers, not bosses.

Members need to have joined before a workplace issue arises in order for RAFFWU to help you with that issue. Be sure to join now so that you get the industrial advice and support you need, when you need it.

You can read more about RAFFWU and what we do on our FAQ page.

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