Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Bunnings stores across the country have remained open to the public. Bunnings has put record profits ahead of the safety and wellbeing of its team by refusing to transition to click and collect only, despite Bunnings stores regularly appearing on the list of COVID exposure sites put out by various state health agencies. Bunnings has had click and collect, drive and collect, and click and deliver options in place for quite some time. There is no reason why Bunnings could not transition to a click and collect only service. Keeping stores open not only puts team members at risk, but also the families and loved ones they are going home to. Covid safety on the floor is not taken seriously. We still continue to see customers not wearing their masks correctly, shopping for non-essential items, multiple shoppers from the same household, and too many customers in each aisle. If Bunnings takes the safety and wellbeing of its team seriously it will close its doors during lockdowns – moving to click & collect only and paid full pandemic leave to at-risk and non-required workers to stay at home.

Signing this petition, promoting the campaign and encouraging others to sign the petition are all protected industrial activity. It is unlawful for anyone to take adverse action against you for engaging in protected industrial activity. Sign and share this important petition.

We the undersigned Bunnings workers call on Bunnings to make all stores Click & Collect only during lockdowns, and for at-risk and non-required workers to be paid full pandemic leave to stay at home.

Bunnings Bargaining Update

In 2018, Bunnings agreed to negotiate a new enterprise agreement for workers. RAFFWU represented members in those negotiations and in February 2019 the very first Bunnings retail worker in Australia represented their co-workers at the negotiation table. 

The old Bunnings agreement has been kept in place because Bunnings is saving tens of millions of dollars every year by not paying minimum Award penalty rates. RAFFWU members exposed this dodgy behaviour in 2015 & 2016 at Coles and we know Bunnings is benefiting from the same tricks.

By RAFFWU members working together Bunnings agreed to get rid of the Bank of Hours.

But SDA teamed up with Bunnings! They created a #BankLite proposed TOIL system. They have refused to fully restore penalty rates which should be:

  • 25% for casual staff (not 22.5%)
  • 65% penalty rate (80% for casual staff) on Sunday (not 50%) and was 100% until 2017
  • 25% penalty rate on Saturday (higher for casual staff)
  • 25% penalty rate on weeknights between 6pm and 11pm (higher for casual staff)
  • overtime pay on weeknights/mornings between 11pm and 7am (9am on Sundays)

Our campaigns meant Bunnings was forced to agree to substantially improve many wage rates, but the deal should have been so much better.

On 18 March 2020 – after promising to have their new deal approved by the Fair Work Commission – Bunnings pulled its application for approval.

It was because Bunnings wanted to maximise flexbility to sack staff during the COVID-19 crisis. 

But now that Bunnings has pulled their deal, workers can fight back for a better agreement with stronger and better protections.

If you want to see a new, better deal which increases wages, improves redundancy rights and more. Join RAFFWU and fight back.

We represent our members in store and outside. We support and represent our members under the current deal and it will continue under any new deal. To have strong, effective union representation you need to be a member before any issues arise.

Join the only union fighting for workers. Download our payroll deduction form here.

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