RAFFWU represents our members at JB HiFi and The Good Guys every day of every week, and our members at these stores have organised and led important safety campaigns.

During the Covid lockdowns, RAFFWU members at JB HiFi and The Good Guys were involved in running a crucial safety campaign for face masks, hand sanitiser and other measures for workers and customers at the stores.

In retaliation for our safety campaigns, senior management at JB HiFi tried to ban RAFFWU campaigns in the workplace. Of course, our members continue to fight for safe workplaces, but senior management banned RAFFWU face masks and other merchandise with the RAFFWU logo. This direct attack on the rights of members led to RAFFWU launching a Federal Circuit Court prosecution against the company.

Organising to end workplace sexual harassment 

Women RAFFWU members at JB HiFi developed and ran a landmark survey to document the gendered discrimination and harassment that workers experience at work have experienced at the company.

The special survey report is available to download below and will form the basis of further action by RAFFWU.

Report on Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination at JB HiFi

All JB HiFi members are encourage to get involved in our campaigns to implement the report’s recommendations.

By law, all employers have a positive duty to prevent sexual harassment and victimisation in the workplace. 

You can read more about combating sexual harassment in the workplace at our dedicated Sexual Harassment page.

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