We represent RAFFWU members everyday at Coles.

We fight for our members in workplace bargaining and disputes over rosters, wages, safety and many other issues.

We have represented our members in disciplinary matters, in tribunals and in court.

A new deal at Coles

In 2023 RAFFWU members at Coles unanimously endorsed a list of claims that they will pursue for a new, more equitable enterprise agreement. An enterprise agreement locks in core conditions like wages, penalty rates, casual loadings, leave, job security, rostering and more.

Our members’ claims include:

  • A living wage of $29/hour as a base rate for workers, before the addition of penalty rates, casual loading, overtime or any other loading;
  • The abolition of junior rates, supported wage rates, trainee rates and any other poverty rates at Coles;
  • Proper penalty rates for weekends, evenings and public holidays;
  • Improved job security and conversion rights for casual Coles workers

You can read the full list of member claims here.

Ever since early 2020 we have been campaigning to get Coles to the negotiating table for a new enterprise agreement. RAFFWU is the only union representing Coles workers that is taking action to secure the pay and conditions that our members need.

You can appoint RAFFWU as your bargaining representative at Coles by following the instructions in the dropdown box below.

In negotiating a new enterprise agreement, we represent our members at Coles who have appointed RAFFWU as their bargaining representative.

Appoint RAFFWU as your bargaining representative by emailing coles@raffwu.org.au your name, store location and the text below:

I hereby appoint the Retail And Fast Food Workers Union Incorporated as my bargaining representative for the purposes of bargaining an Agreement with my employer and in any matter before the Fair Work Commission that relates to bargaining for the agreement.

That appointment will be given to Coles and they must then recognise RAFFWU as your bargaining representative in the workplace. They must not take any action against you for being represented by RAFFWU.

A group of workers outside a Coles store. Several have their fists raised in a gesture of solidarity, and there are two red and blue flags representing the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union.

We are the only union fighting to replace the dodgy SDA workplace agreements that have seen Coles workers ripped off for years.

In 2017, our members’ campaigns returned penalty rates, overtime rates and other conditions to Coles workers worth over $100M per year. But the 2017 enterprise agreement reduced other worker rights, and RAFFWU was the only union running a Vote No campaign to that enterprise agreement.

You deserve a much better deal at Coles.

Organise and win with RAFFWU

Every day we wage and win local store campaigns – such as stopping sexual harassment at Coles Coburg North when management refused to act on complaints. Read more below.

Our members have secured wins against bullying from managers and co-workers, abuse from customers, staying back unpaid, working through breaks, and not having their proper classification recognised.

Along with returning penalty rates and other conditions to Coles workers, we are also the union whose members have successfully campaigned for improved workplace safety.

In 2020 and 2021, when Coles frontline workers were faced with unprecedented risks from COVID, our members won the campaign for hand sanitiser and masks in stores to protect workers.

We are not beholden to the bosses and so will always be able to escalate our member driven campaigns as far as needed to get the best outcomes for members.

Why Join RAFFWU?

We are a union for workers, not bosses.

When you join RAFFWU you can pay your union fees by payroll deduction, and also stop SDA deductions from your pay.

Get out of the SDA and join RAFFWU, the union that fights you.

Click on the “Become a member” button above, or fill in our application form for Coles members here.

Members need to have joined before a workplace issue arises in order for RAFFWU to help you with that issue. Be sure to join now so that you get the industrial advice and support you need, when you need it.

You can read more about RAFFWU and what we do on our FAQ page.

Securing the best workplace agreement with better wages, safety, job security and conditions needs many workers campaigning together. Encourage your co-workers to get involved in RAFFWU, and join the union that fights for you.

Two Coles workers and union members are standing outside a Coles store with their fists raised in solidarity. One is male and one is female.

RAFFWU – Fighting For Your Rights in the Workplace