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In early 2020, Coles members endorsed our claims for bargaining. Download the claims here: Coles EB 2020 – RAFFWU Endorsed Claims

Coles Supermarkets has refused to bargain. The law means they can do this to try and stop worker action for a fairer deal. We took our case to the Fair Work Commission and despite thousands of petitions the Fair Work Commission refused to conduct an independent ballot of workers.

Coles Supermarkets is desperate to stop workers voting on whether the company should bargain with them. We are demanding every single worker be given a secret ballot. Support our action and the campaign for a living wage, safer workplaces and better conditions.

We are fighting for Coles to come to the table and for the Courts to overturn the bad FWC decisions.

Join the only union fighting for Coles workers and demanding every worker be given a vote. That’s RAFFWU.

For decades Coles workers were ripped off under a series of sell out SDA deals at Coles.

In 2015 we exposed the rot. Casual loading and junior rates were increased. In 2017, our campaigns returned the penalty rates, overtime rates and other conditions worth over $100M per year. However, the 2017 agreement reduced other worker rights. RAFFWU was the only union running a Vote No campaign. You deserved a better deal. A much better deal.

Ever since early 2020 we have been campaigning to get Coles to the negotiating table.

We represent members everyday at Coles – including in bargaining, in disputes, in disciplinary matters, in tribunals, in courts – representation, advocacy and campaigning is what we do for members at Coles. We participated in all 2017 bargaining meetings with Coles and we represent members bargaining. Right now Coles is refusing to negotiate and RAFFWU is the only one doing something about it.

One of our most important claims is for a Living Wage.

Right now, Coles workers are paid much less than a Living Wage. We believe all non-casual workers should be paid at least $26 per hour. Penalty rates, casual loading and overtime should be on top of this minimum $26 per hour. This is a Living Wage – 60% of the median full time adult wage in Australia*.

Coles doesn’t want to pay living wages, give new rights or return the conditions they stripped in 2017. We will fight for member rights.

If you’re not yet a member, it’s time you joined the union that fights back.

We represent members everyday about issues in store – such as roster changes, disciplinary action, pay issues and any other concern.

You can join RAFFWU and pay fees by payroll deduction. Just click join or download RAFFWU Application 2021 (Coles)

Now is the time to have a union in your corner that fights for your rights, doesn’t concede to the management line and campaigns for the best possible outcome. That is RAFFWU.

RAFFWU members are active in store, with workmates and throughout the negotiations.

A Living Wage for Coles Workers

Right now workers at Coles are paid a minimum wage. It is only a few cents more than the absolute minimum Coles is allowed to pay. The minimum wage you are paid is not a Living Wage. A Living Wage is a wage which allows you and your family to buy bread and other necessities of life, but also to actually live! Imagine not having to worry about the rent or mortgage, or the next bill, or school costs or all the other things which are part of living. Imagine being able to afford some nice flowers or a nice meal out more often. A Living Wage is about more than surviving. It’s about living!

A living wage is calculated as 60% of the Median Full-Time Adult Wage in Australia. The median is a measure of the midpoint. If you lined up every full-time adult wage in Australia in 2020, the one in the very middle would be about $44 per hour. Just as many full-time adult workers earn less as those that earn more than $44 per hour. Many earn a great deal more. The Australian Living Wage is 60% of this median $44 per hour.

In Australia, a Living Wage is more than $26 per hour.

We believe every worker deserves a Living Wage. We believe every worker deserves more than $26 per hour before any penalty rates or casual loading. Coles workers deserve a Living Wage.

Join our fight for a Living Wage. #fightforalivingwage #fightfor$25 #colesbargainnow

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