Our members at Dangerfield and Princess Highway are organising to improve their workplace conditions and safety. We’ve asked Factory X to bargain for an Agreement which would cover members at Dangerfield and Princess Highway stores in Victoria. At this stage, Factory X has refused so we have lodged an application for a Majority Support Determination with the Fair Work Commission which will compel Factory X to bargain.

We know that workers can improve their conditions by organising together. Encourage your co-workers to get involved in RAFFWU, and join the union that fights for you.

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Unity Is Strength - Artist, Cerys Howard

A new deal at Dangerfield and Princess Highway

Our members at Dangerfield and Princess Highway have endorsed a set of claims they will pursue in bargaining for an enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) in in 2023 at Victorian stores.

An enterprise agreement locks in core conditions which apply to Dangerfield and Princess Highway workers. It includes things like wages, penalty rates, casual loadings, leave, job security, rostering and more.

Our members’ claims include:

  • A base rate of $32 / hour, before the addition any loadings, allowances or penalty rates;
  • The abolition of junior rates;
  • Scheduled breaks for workers rostered on shifts of 4 hours and longer;
  • Conversion rights for casual workers;
  • No worker to be working alone in a store for more than 30 minutes, and an on-site security guard to be provided at a store when workers request one;
  • At least one worker on every shift to be first aid-certified
  • Uniform allowances.

You can read the full list of our members’ claims here.

Dangerfield workers and union members, with their fists raised in a gesture of solidarity, gathered around a placard that reads "We are stronger together".

Why join RAFFWU?

Our campaigns are led by our members.

RAFFWU members at Dangerfield and Princess Highway stores in Melbourne have previously petitioned for improved safety at their stores. This is the kind of grassroots, democratic organising that characterises our Union.

Our members at Dangerfield and Princess Highway are now fighting for an enterprise agreement that treats them with respect, gives their work dignity and is fair for everyone.

We are a grassroots, member-led union that involves members directly in bargaining for a better workplace agreement, including at bargaining meetings.

You can read more about RAFFWU and what we do on our FAQs page.

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