We know that thousands of Bakers Delight workers are having their weekend, weeknight, casual and other penalty rates cut. Members have already brought these penalty rates back at some stores. For those workers who are not casual and not earning annual or sick leave, we also help fix that – getting the penalty rates, paid rest breaks, leave and guaranteed hours.

Bakers Delight has used zombie agreements for decades – costing workers a fortune. Without the dodgy agreements in place, the higher minimum Award rates apply. How much more would you be earning on weekends or on weeknights? 

We help members figure out how much they are entitled to and get issues fixed.

By working together we can not only take back our penalty rates, we can secure better conditions for the future. Let’s make it happen! Get on board and encourage your colleagues to get involved! We can help you get your workmates involved and then together we can take back penalty rates and other conditions.

Fighting for your rights in the workplace

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