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As well as experienced legal officers, our bargaining teams include shop floor leaders. The only shop floor workers ever to bargain with Woolworths.

Woolworths has announced it is bargaining for a new enterprise agreement to cover supermarkets, metro and CFCs. Bargaining will take place in 2023 and we are currently collating the ideas of members to set our claims in bargaining. Complete our special claims survey by clicking the button above or going to

Securing the best agreement with better wages, safety, job security and conditions requires many workers campaigning together. Encourage your co-workers to complete our survey and get involved in RAFFWU.

We represent members who have appointed RAFFWU as their bargaining representative. Appoint RAFFWU as your bargaining representative by emailing your name, store location and the text below or simply click the button and an email will be generated for you to complete and send:

I hereby appoint the Retail And Fast Food Workers Union Incorporated as my bargaining representative for the purposes of bargaining an Agreement with my employer and in any matter before the Fair Work Commission that relates to bargaining for the agreement.

You can also stop SDA deductions by clicking the button below and sending the email which it generates. Get out of the SDA and get represented by the only fighting union for Woolworths workers.

In September 2020, RAFFWU members at Woolworths Lilydale launched a campaign for a safer workplace – including by demanding carpark lights be kept on at night when workers return to their cars. We won, but then the bosses targeted activists. Their attacks were outrageous and RAFFWU launched a groundbreaking prosecution in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia against the union busting. On 4 March 2022 the Woolworths admitted it had unlawfully tried to union bust activists. 

The Court also heard how the Store Manager gloated he was being supported by SDA.

On 22 July 2022 the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia handed down its decision in Retail and Fast Food Workers Union Incorporated v Woolworths Group Limited [2022] FedCFamC2G 578 – the Woolworths Union Busting case.

It brought to an end the long running fight by RAFFWU to hold union busters in Woolworths Group to account for their attacks on RAFFWU and our members. The case involved Senior Management at Woolworths Group targeting RAFFWU Delegate, Lauren Dyer, for raising a dispute about a serious car park safety issue.

The litigation exposed Woolworths kept a secret RAFFWU Tracker – to record issues involving RAFFWU. The litigation also exposed the Store Manager had immediately involved the SDA to help him suppress the safety campaign. RAFFWU has been told many workers who supported the campaign were threatened by SDA officials that their jobs were under threat unless they apologised to the Store Manager.

In response to the case Woolworths Group has promised to recognise the standing of RAFFWU as a union of workers, the Freedom of Association of our members and the right of RAFFWU to represent our members. Woolworths Group has issued guidance to its Store Managers and HR/People Services staff. Woolworths apologised, in writing, to Lauren and paid her $3000 compensation.

Obviously, RAFFWU is not so naive as to believe Woolworths Group will suddenly change and treat workers with dignity and respect. We will continue to actively pursue Woolworths Group, the business partner of SDA, wherever and whenever it attacks workers.

This case identifies that there is only one Union on the side of Woolworths non-meat workers – RAFFWU. While we were fighting for the safety of workers, SDA was threatening workers to get apologies and gifts for the Store Manager. Our members ensured the safety issue was fixed but were then pursued by the National Employee Relations Manager.


Download the Full Judgement here:
Retail and Fast Food Workers Union Incorporated v Woolworths Group Limited [2022] FedCFamC2G 578

Download the Store Manager Guidance and HR Fact Sheet here: 220218 Woolworths Union Busting Repentance – Store & HR Notices

When workers rights come under attack, stand up fight back!


We represent members in store at Woolworths and in tribunals. We participated in bargaining for our members in enterprise agreements negotiations

For decades Woolworths paid workers less than minimum Award wages because they had put in place sell out deals with SDA.

RAFFWU members exposed this dodgy behaviour in 2015 & 2016 and worked for three years to overturn the attacks on Woolworths workers. We forced Woolworths back to the bargaining table in 2017 and then represented members at the bargaining table in 2018. Our members were the only workers at the table at all.

The return of the minimum penalty rates, casual loading, junior rates, shift rates, overtime rates, uniform allowances and more were rights they could no longer cut. We forced them to the table, and they had to give them back.

When we supported our members to terminate the old deal demanding backpay for 6 years of being ripped off, Woolworths and SDA rushed through their new deal. 

But the agreement should have been so much better. Most of all – there was no backpay. Over $1 Billion ripped from workers.

When your roster is being changed, your workplace isn’t safe, you aren’t being paid properly or for any other workplace issue, RAFFWU represents and supports our members.

Join the union that fights for you.

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