In September 2020, RAFFWU members at Woolworths Lilydale launched a campaign for a safer workplace – including by demanding carpark lights be kept on at night when workers return to their cars. We won, but then the bosses targeted activists. Their attacks were outrageous and RAFFWU launched a groundbreaking prosecution in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia against the union busting. On 4 March 2022 the Woolworths admitted it had unlawfully tried to union bust activists and the Court reserved its judgement.

The Court also heard how the Store Manager gloated he was being supported by SDA.

When workers rights come under attack, stand up fight back!

WW Union Busting


We represent members in store at Woolworths and in tribunals. We participated in bargaining for our members in enterprise agreements negotiations

For decades Woolworths paid workers less than minimum Award wages because they had put in place sell out deals with SDA.

RAFFWU members exposed this dodgy behaviour in 2015 & 2016 and worked for three years to overturn the attacks on Woolworths workers. We forced Woolworths back to the bargaining table in 2017 and then represented members at the bargaining table in 2018. Our members were the only workers at the table at all.

The return of the minimum penalty rates, casual loading, junior rates, shift rates, overtime rates, uniform allowances and more were rights they could no longer cut. We forced them to the table, and they had to give them back.

When we supported our members to terminate the old deal demanding backpay for 6 years of being ripped off, Woolworths and SDA rushed through their new deal. 

But the agreement should have been so much better. Most of all – there was no backpay. Over $1 Billion ripped from workers.

When your roster is being changed, your workplace isn’t safe, you aren’t being paid properly or for any other workplace issue, RAFFWU represents and supports our members.

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