We are the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union, representing workers in these two sectors across Australia.

Our members work at supermarkets, fast food outlets, pharmacists, petrol stations, bookstores, bottle shops, hardware stores and more.

We represent members working for big companies like Woolworths, Coles, Bunnings, McDonald’s and Apple, along with members working at small-to-medium size retail and fast food stores.

In our Workplaces section you will find dedicated pages for many of the places where our members work, highlighting campaign wins, enterprise bargaining rounds and more. 

If your workplace isn’t listed in the Workplaces menu tab at the top of this page, don’t worry! This doesn’t mean we can’t represent you.

You can find out more about what RAFFWU does and who we represent on our About and FAQs pages.

If you are a current RAFFWU member, log in here to update your contact details, employer, membership type and more.

To get active in the Union, just reach out to us or fill in a membership form.

RAFFWU President Dani Barley, with blue hair, standing in front of RAFFWU flags.