What is Qoctor?

Qoctor (www.qoctor.com.au) is an online doctor/ telehealth service, founded and run by experienced Aussie doctors since 2015.

What does Qoctor do?

Qoctor provides affordable, same day telehealth appointments 830am-10pm daily AEDT, 365 days a year, for issues such as medical certificates, carer’s certificates, specialist referrals, prescriptions, and other doctor consultations for lots of common issues.

How much does it cost?

RAFFWU membership benefits include $5 off all Qoctor services. This means, for example, an online appointment for a RAFFWU member to request a medical certificate with Qoctor costs $20.99 (the normal non RAFFWU price is $25.99).

And online doctor consultations to request a prescription start at $22.99 (normal non-RAFFWU price is $27.99).

    • GP telehealth appointments

Need a GP appointment? Just want to speak to a doctor? Now you can book a telehealth consultation with Qoctor!

Qoctor is excited to offer a new service, providing same day appointments for people who just need to speak to a doctor- whether it’s relating to a minor illness or symptom, health advice, travel medicine, a pathology request, a referral or numerous other health issues!

Whilst long term or severe health conditions are best dealt with by your regular GP, Qoctor’s experienced and friendly doctors can assess many common health problems- this can be particularly useful if local GP waiting times are long, or if you need a same day solution. Qoctor can also keep your regular GP in the loop, if you wish, by ensuring pathology results and specialist correspondance is shared with them.

To book, go to https://www.qoctor.com.au/online-doctor-appointment/

The cost is $44.99 for RAFFWU members – which is similar to (or less than!) the gap fees charged by many clinics these days, but without the wait and the commute. eScripts are available.

Please note, our usual consults for med certs, carer’s certs and scripts still start from a lower price range of $20.99 for RAFFWU members.

    • Pathology requests

Pathology requests can now be discussed with a Qoctor doctorincluding STI testing, with many other commonly required tests rolling out in the coming weeks. Discreet, affordable and accessible! Pathology consultations (including follow up appointment for results, when required) start from $34.99 for RAFFWU members. For more information: https://www.qoctor.com.au/pathology/

Do I need Medicare?

Qoctor is a private telehealth service, so Medicare is not required to book an appointment.

However, Qoctor may ask for your Medicare number if you want to get a prescription or pathology request, as this may lead to reduced costs for you.

How do I claim my special RAFFWU membership rate?

When you reach the Qoctor registration page https://www.qoctor.com.au/registration/ simply select RAFFWU from the partner organisations dropdown menu and enter your RAFFWU membership number (if you do not know your membership number, you can get this by logging into the Members Area at the RAFFWU webpage.)

What about privacy?

Patient confidentiality is of the highest importance- Qoctor does not pass any patient information on to third parties, unless expressly requested to do so by a patient.

Is a Qoctor medical certificate the same as one from a local GP?

Yes, all Qoctor certificates are provided after an appropriate, detailed telehealth consultation, with a registered doctor- so the certificates have exactly the same validity as a certificate issued in person, in a clinic. A certificate can cover more than one day, if medically appropriate. Online/telehealth services are now commonplace across Australia, and the same professional standards apply to both telehealth  and in-person doctors’ appointments.

Qoctor has a user-friendly “certificate validity checker” for employers, so they can verify that the medical certificate you give them is authentic, if they wish. This can be accessed through the “for employers” section in the main menu.

However, Qoctor will not share any of your personal details or information about your health with your employer or any other third parties without your express permission.

Any more questions?

Feel free to email info@qoctor.com.au if you have any queries. Live chat is also available on the Qoctor home page throughout business hours, and is staffed by an experienced Melbourne-based customer service team.