On 31 August the protected action ballot at Woolworths closed. The ballot was of those workers represented by RAFFWU in enterprise bargaining including at Woolworths Supermarkets, Metros and CFCs.

The ballot was a massive success. Over 85% voted in the ballot and every action was endorsed by 95% or more workers. Half voted on the very first day.

Woolworths members are now planning the industrial action they might take to secure a fair deal and will meet soon to vote on action.

All Woolworths workers can join in action by applying to join RAFFWU and appointing RAFFWU as their bargaining representative.

The ballot declaration is available here: Results for B2023-752 Protected Action Ballot

#superstrike #fightbackwithRAFFWU

The forms of actions now available to those RAFFWU represents are:

Industrial action taken separately, concurrently and/or consecutively, in the form of:

An unlimited number of indefinite or periodic bans on

    1. handling items including, but not limited to, products, ingredients, refuse, packaging or any other items;
    2. all work associated with customer service;
    3. participating in any meeting with a manager, supervisor or team leader;
    4. performing any work other than specific duties listed in an employee’s position description;
    5. performing work in one or more areas of a workplace;
    6. all work associated with unloading any item including, but not limited to, from trucks, pallets or cages;
    7. all work associated with filling or loading any item including, but not limited to, into totes, shelves, trucks, cages, freezers or fridges;
    8. working overtime, including before shifts, after shifts and during break times;
    9. using a personal device for any work or work related function;
    10. all work associated with training of any person other than on safety matters;
    11. counting items;
    12. all work associated with crushing or baling cardboard or plastic;
    13. processing transactions;
    14. all work associated with preparing any product for presentation or sale;
    15. all work associated with driving any vehicle;
    16. all work associated with using equipment or devices;
    17. all work associated with changing prices of items;
    18. all work associated with cleaning;
    19. all work associated with collecting trollies or baskets;
    20. all work associated with checking dates on products;
    21. working in a manner which is faster than a slow walking pace;
    22. the performance of work in clothes that are not RAFFWU clothes, and/or clothes to which RAFFWU badges and other campaign items are not attached;

    1. An unlimited number of indefinite or periodic changes to how you ordinarily perform work by speaking with customers, members of the public, and/or the media about industrial action, including giving them RAFFWU promotional material

An unlimited number of

    1. 1 minute stoppages of work;
    2. 1 hour stoppages of work;
    3. 24 hour stoppages of work;
    4. indefinite stoppages of work.