RAFFWU members have raised concern over requirements to complete surveys or WorkJam notifications about issues related to working 4 Sundays in a 4 week cycle and issues involving consecutive days off.

RAFFWU members have provided the Woolworths Group FAQs dated 27 February 2022.

They state (among other things):

Regular Sunday Workers
For Supermarkets, Metro, Mascot CFC and BIG W, your EA requires you to request a standard roster that includes 3/4 Sundays and to vary your consecutive days off by submitting a request in writing. Whilst you will have agreed to work that roster, our records don’t clearly show that yourequested that roster. Due to this, we have determined that you should have received overtime for either Friday, Saturday or Sunday in the fourth week of your roster cycle if you worked every Sunday in that four week cycle.

If I stay on my current roster, does that make me ineligible for any owed payment?
No. If you are owed a payment you will still receive it regardless of your choice of future rosters.

I have a form on file that the team member has agreed to work every Sunday?
Should I send this somewhere?

We are aware that in some stores records have been kept. From the various samples we’ve checked, they don’t satisfy the requirements we are looking for so have made the decision to not use any historical forms.

On this basis we now advise members to negotiate and arrange their roster relying on the express promise from Woolworths Group that any underpaid overtime will be paid. Members may want to confirm that using the document attached (downloaded from the online portal for Woolworths workers.)

Members wanting specific tailored advice can contact our team on 1300 723 398 or at contact@raffwu.org.au

Group FAQs_ Internal Team Members (EA & LSL)