Media Event: 12:15pm AEST Tuesday 18 October outside the Brisbane City Apple store at MacArthur Chambers, 233 Queen Street, Brisbane

On Tuesday 18 October workers at Apple represented by the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union (RAFFWU) in bargaining will commence the first retail national industrial action in Australian history. Never before have retail workers taken the step of striking for fair wages and conditions.

RAFFWU members have been negotiating with Apple for a new agreement to replace their old rotten zombie agreement. That deal cuts conditions and wages – below the Award minimum.

Despite 18 meetings across 10 weeks, Apple refuses to guarantee minimum conditions – let alone a fair agreement with living wages and secure rosters.

Apple workers have been left with no choice but to take serious action – strikes and bans in pursuit of the agreement they deserve.

Industrial action in the form of a 1 hour stoppage on Tuesday 18 October will take place across all Apple Stores however we have chosen key locations for public supporter action:
  • Newcastle, NSW – Apple Charlestown @ 10am AEDT
  • Brisbane, QLD – Apple Chermside @ 11am AEST
  • Brisbane, QLD – Apple Brisbane @ 12pm AEST

On 19 October, a range of bans will be implemented by RAFFWU members who are represented by RAFFWU in bargaining.

Apple has threatened many workers with unilateral wage cuts should they participate in the action. In response, RAFFWU has announced a special Welfare Fund to raise funds for workers attacked by Apple. We call on the community to support workers targeted by the $2.3 Trillion behemoth. All the detail for the fund are here:

Late on 17 October, Apple announced it will put a non-union wage cutting substandard deal for a worker vote on 28 October. As promised in response, RAFFWU members will engage in further industrial action in the form of a 24 hour strike on Saturday 22 October.

The stories of workers are told through their union because many are fearful of retaliation by this scandalous employer. In addition, we will hold a special media event at 12:15pm AEST outside the Brisbane City Apple store at MacArthur Chambers, 233 Queen Street, Brisbane.

Quotes attributable to Josh Cullinan, Secretary of RAFFWU:

Apple was brought back to the bargaining table, kicking and screaming, through our action in September.

Apple has refused to bargain in good faith, hardly budging from a wage cutting sub-standard deal which pays less than the minimum Award wage, without set rosters, and without any work/life balance.

Apple has admitted it hasn’t even costed their annual wage increases – 2.8%, 2.6% and 2.6% starting late in 2023. Money doesn’t matter to them, profit is their God.

Apple workers represented by RAFFWU have stepped up where no other retail workers in Australian history have gone. They are striking for a fair deal. 

We call on Apple to stop being recalcitrant, stop their attacks on workers and come to the table with a fair deal.

For media comment, Josh Cullinan at 0416 241 763 or