Notice is hereby given that nominations are called for the Committee of the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union Incorporated. This Notice is given under Rule 51 of the Rules of the Union. The Returning Officer for the Election is Stephen Luntz of Above Quota Elections.
Nominations are called for the positions of:

  • President (one to be elected);
  • Vice President (one to be elected);
  • Secretary (one to be elected);
  • Treasurer (one to be elected); and
  • Ordinary Committee Member (ten to be elected).

The term of the Committee is two years, from the 2021 Annual General Meeting (19 November 2021) until the 2023 Annual General Meeting.

Nominations must:

  • State the name of the nominee;
  • State the address of the nominee;
  • Be signed by (or bear the written consent of) the nominee;
  • Be sent to the Returning Officer at or Above Quota Elections, PO BOX 2157, Fitzroy, Vic 3065;
  • Be received by the Returning Officer by no later than 4pm on 17 September 2021.

The period of nominations commences at 12am, 3 September 2021 and closes at 4pm, 17 September 2021.

All eligible members are invited to nominate as a candidate.

Eligible members are those members who have been members for at least 10 business days since their membership was accepted by the Committee and who do not have an outstanding membership fee payment.

Candidates may submit to the Returning Officer not later than the close of nominations a photograph of the candidate and/or a statement in support of the candidate. The statement shall not be more than 600 words. More information about material regarding a candidate is available in the Rules of the Union at Rule 54 (19).

Members can access a copy of the Union Rules on the website at

If an election is required the election will be held by online and postal ballot after the close of nominations.

Download a copy of this notice