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Box Hill Woolworths Nightfill Turns RAFFWU. More and more teams are joining RAFFWU and fighting back together.
Two weeks ago Woolworths took a knife to the livelihoods of thousands of overnight workers in Victoria and Tasmania. Slashing wages by up to $500 per week in a ruthless secret operation carried out in the dead of night. Individual secret meetings saw workers handed letters telling them their roster will change within weeks.
RAFFWU immediately launched a campaign to support, protect and represent workers where the entire nightfill team joins RAFFWU. Of course, we also represent all members who had joined before 22 April 2021 no matter their situation.
Have you been impacted? Is your team in the fighting union RAFFWU? Make a better choice – what have you got to lose?
SDA has admitted it was told before workers were handed letters. SDA is on the side of Woolworths because Woolworths recruits for them and lets SDA harrass workers on the shop floor into joining. That’s not a real union. Join the only union fighting for Woolworths workers under attack – that’s RAFFWU.