The RAFFWU women’s caucus is an inclusive group for RAFFWU members who are women and those who identify with womanhood. The caucus creates opportunities for workers to come together to share their stories and experiences and to enact change.

Outdated patriarchal structures are commonplace in retail and fast food workplaces; manager positions are dominated by men and women are promoted at a much lower rate. Workplace sexism and sexist power dynamics must be stamped out for workers to thrive. 

Retail and fast food industries are built on the backs of workers labour – the majority are women workers. We strive to create a safe space where we can empower each other and develop our voices in solidarity to make lasting changes within the fast food and retail sector.

We must band together as empowered workers to amplify our voices and fight against the injustice we face. Using the strength of our combined voices and power of collective organising we can pave the way for fundamental change in the retail and fast food sector.

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